UPDATE: 25 JUNE 2022


Southwest Riverside County Marine Corps League Detachment #1057,


Looks forward to seeing you all tomorrow, Saturday.  I hope you all had a good month.  We had another busy month.  LA Fleet Week, Memorial Day Observances, & Dept of CA Convention.  I know most of us observed Memorial Day at many different venues.  I know the Krampe’s attended the Riverside National Cemetery (RNC) Observance.  While there, they ran into our very own Gunny “Speedy” Gonzalez, supporting the event by passing out flyers.  We had a few of our members participating & attending the Observance in Temecula.  And others like the TVYM, Theresa Aguilar, & Artie Allen helped prepare the event by placing Flags throughout the RNC.


Attached are some pictures & below are some pictures.  Also, attached are the Minutes from the last meeting for your review & the Agenda for this Saturday’s meeting. 


DATE:  Saturday, 25 June 2022

TIME: 9am

PLACE:  Wildomar VFW Post 1508, 21180 Waite St., Wildomar, CA. 92595


Please keep MGunz (Ret) Jim Maloney in your prayers, he has been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer.  This Saturday he has a MRI Appt & then later a bone scan.  He says he is prepared for battle!  Also, my 84-yr old mother, Mary C. Benford suffered a seizure & stroke, please keep her in your prayers.


Heck, why don’t we send prayers out to our former Chaplain, Scott Burris.  He resigned his billet due to moving out of the area.  Here is what was sent to us by Scott & read at the May meeting:


“Good morning Marines!  As your Chaplain, I have had the honor to serve Detachment 1057 and my fellow Marines.  Opportunities have opened up in Blythe involving a promotion, greater responsibility and home ownership. By your leave, I respectfully request your permission to step down as Chaplain. I will continue my membership with the Marine Corps League from a far, as part of my continued dedicated to the United States Marine Corps. I hope you will continue to seek my assistance where the VA is concerned.  Thank you for allowing me to be part of your lives.  Semper Fi! Oorah!”

Membership Renewal for all non-Life Members is $35$40 for New Members.  A Transmittal Form is what the Paymaster fills out and forwards to National HQ, MCL, Inc, via our MCL Department of CA, in order to process the Renewals & New Members.  Two checks are written for each Transmittal, one for National & the other for our Dept of CA. Therefore, when you Renew ($35), $20 goes to National, $11 goes to the Dept.  That means we keep $4. I look forward to many of you attacking me with your $35 Membership Renewal.  If you are unable to attend, please mail me a check (28285 Parkdale Lane, Menifee, CA 92584).  Thanks to those who attacked me or mailed me their renewal dues.


-Meeting fundraising/raffle opportunity items are always needed!  The money from donations goes to supplement our budget so we can continue to support our JROTC units, TVYM, & programs, etc.. 

-Staff & Officers (especially, Elected & Appointed Officers), if you are unable to attend a meeting, please send an email to us fellow Staff & Officers.  This will help us be better prepared for our meeting.

All:  Reminder:  MCL Cover is mandatory, MCL Shirt is optional.  When Chaplain goes to prayer and cover is removed, EGA should be facing out.  When speaking, please stand and state your name.  Upon leaving or entering the meeting, please the salute flag.


Semper Fi!


Larock W. Benford 



Photos taken by our Photographer, Rod Seiler, from 28 May’s meeting.





Scholarship Presentation Photo



Our Adj, Theresa Aguilar



At the WCDIA Golf Tournament, Ron Brown’s team took 3rd place


As always our Sgt @ Arms Making his Points Heard!





24 JUNE 2022--------


The following update was provided by our Paymaster, SgtMaj (Ret.) Larock Benford


MCL Det 1057,


            I wanted to pass some Hot Scoop.  First, a huge “Thank You” to Life Member Ron “Raul” Brown for volunteering to purchase a Coffee Maker, which has been purchased, a 14-Cup Mr. Coffee.  


            I talked Gunny “Speedy” Gonzalez today.  In case he is unable to attend our Saturday morning meeting, he wanted to pass this info: The Riverside County Philharmonic Orchestra is performing the “Concert for Heroes, A Tribute to Veterans,” at Riverside National Cemetery (RNC) on Wednesday, July 3. Pre-recorded music will begin at 6:30 p.m. and orchestra begins at 7:30 p.m. The concert ends around 9:30 p.m. with a firework display. Bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy!


            I found out Rita & Ron Brown attended the City of  Norco’s Memorial Day Celebration.  They participated in the Perpetual Salute.  See attached pictures.


            Also, Life Member Enoch McClain was the Guest Speaker for Yorba Linda Veteran's Memorial.  Here is the direct link to the speech on YouTube.


Yorba Linda Veterans Memorial - Honoring Military in Yorba Linda, CA


https://youtu.be/rQxj2y2OR4s  (Copy & Paste)


            From LtCol Ron Guilliam:  “Keeping you in the loop: Denise and I surely miss the friendships we made in Murrieta/Temecula. Leaving a place of goodness and unknowingly moving to a new home where the Lord had to be the one pulling the strings. While we struggled with Justin's Medulloblastoma, we were blessed with Rady Children's Hospital System and he is now working full time, ready to resume driving and taking a light Community College load to gain tech certificates to complement his self-taught media skills.


As for Denise and I, Minneapolis has been a Godsend since we unknowingly moved to one of the absolute centers of excellence (and close too: 15 miles to Methodist Hospital and 25 miles to the University of Minnesota, Fairview Hospital system. What we didn't know was that Fairview was/is one of the first (50 years ago) pioneers of the research into Bone Marrow Transplants to combat Acute Myleiod Lekumeas (AML). [Yup, still know how to define my acronyms]. Now after three years, four chemo cycles, AML relapsed with COVID (almost didn't make it), and one Total Body Irradiation (TBI), today I have my third tunnel port removed from my chest and I go back to blood samples taken from a vein. Yes, it looks like my Bone Marrow Transplant is going to be a raving success for this 72-year-old Fart. Somewhere out in the world, Denise and I have a benefactor with blood that is a virtual 99++++ % match to my own. 


Thank you for everything you do as we keep the faith, Semper Fidelis.


Denise & Ron Guilliams”


Semper Fi!


Larock W. Benford 

World's Finest SgtMaj (Ret.) of Marines









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